Christmas Travels.....and the word "Christmas".

First of all, this is my ideal Christmas vacation setting. Even thought I do love snow. And I can't wait to go skiing in January. Anyways, I digress. I'm at SFO, about to head home, and finally, MONTHS after my trip to Costa Rica, I am posting. I forgot why I even stopped. I feel as though I just got complacent, but I did invest in this blog project, so I believe it is imperative that I follow through with it, and post something. So to everyone out there, whether you are stuck in an airport, or smothered between your annoying uncle and your grandma's great dane, I wish you all, a Merry Christmas. Not Happy Holidays, or Merry Winter Time, but MERRY FREAKIN CHRISTMAS.

No, I do not feel there is a "WAR" on Christmas. I am not a looney Fox News Reporter. However, I do believe in tradition.  When I go to New Orleans, I eat bignets and coffee. During Thanksgiving, I get fat and eat some pumpkin pie. When you go to Hawaii, you expect to get laid, and in December, I like to drink egg nog, light up a tree, and wish people Merry Christmas. I hope it doesn't offend you. Because I welcome people to celebrate whatever they chose to. Just know, when I wish you a Merry means I think you are cool.

That is all. Austin, here I come.