Bay To Breakers 2007-2009

Bay To Breakers is an event that is held in San Francisco every year sponsored by ING. It's basically a 12k run from one end of the SF peninsula to the other. From the Bay side to the shore side. (Hence the name). The catch is that following those individuals who are actually athletic and serious enough to run the entire 7 miles, is a parade of 50 thousand plus people whose only goal is to drink and party, as they journey from one side of the city to the other. People dress up in costumes  and build floats, and push them along the 7 mile event route, handing out beer and body shots. It's quite a spectacle.

Me and some friends started to participate in this event in 2007. Our idea was something we had not seen yet in past events. 4 of us dressed up as secret service agents, and one guy as the president, and we marched along the event route frisking girls, and handing out liquor we kept in suitcases that we carried. Here is B2B, generation one:

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We got some attention, and we had a blast. But, it was just 5 of us dressed in suits,  and although some people got the "idea" right away, we still felt like we didn't stand out enough. Which leads me to Bay 2 Breakers 2008. This time we built a float, and added a few more individuals. I was pleased with the outcome:

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Which now brings us to Bay To Breakers, 2009. How did we outdo ourselves? Well, for one thing, we now have Obama as president. So, we used our buddy Aaron who kinda looks like Obama. And because San Francisco is a uber liberal city, who is obsessed with Obama, we figured it would definitely make things more interesting.  Wow, what an understatement.  People adored him. Next, we tried to recruit more people. 25 to be exact. We even recruited some female secret service agents...for this is the age of CHANGE! I have to say, it was a fun day.

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