29 Days With Android - Day 3: My First Disappointment

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One of the many things you’ll find Apple lovers (and haters) complaining about  is how often Apple iterates on its devices. After what I learned today, I think Apple fans and iPhone lovers should be thankful. Life can be much harsher for Android fanatics.

Consider this: Apple is almost guaranteed to release an updated version of the iPhone every single year. This is comes as no surprise, and has been Apple’s status quo ever since the iPhone was introduced back in 2007. And still, you’ll find people bitching about it. Some Apple fans, some Apple haters. But is this practice really that foreign to us? Should we be surprised? The answer is NO, we should not. Car companies have been doing this for over half a century, and no one bitches about 2012 Honda Accord when the 2011 model has been out for just 9 months.

So today, I learn from the various colleagues in the tech indusry that HTC is releasing an upgraded version of the One X later this year,  taking a page from Apple, and unimaginatively calling their new device the One X+. Keep in mind, the One X was released in April of THIS year. Now, just 6 months later, we’ll have the One X+, sporting a better battery, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 64 GB of storeage, and a faster processor. Awesome.

I’ll be honest. I think of myself as someone who follows tech closely,  and I’ve been aware of the rumors hovering over the release of the One X+. I expected it to be announced soon, but by “soon”, I figured sometime early next year. Turns out “soon” is now October, with the U.S. & AT&T receiving the phone sometime this winter.

So as someone who has voluntarily decided to publish his experiences with Android and the HTC One X online for the world to see, here are the tweets I received this morning, after I awoke around 7:30 am, tired and hungover from drinking too much wine, while watching another shitty episode of How I Met Your Mother:


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To put it bluntly, YES, I should have probably waited a bit before making  the decision to purchase the HTC One X, but NEVER AGAIN DO I WANT TO HEAR APPLE FANS BITCH ABOUT A YEARLY UPDATE TO THE IPHONE. I am not as upset as I may appear to be. AT&T has a very generous return policy, and I have every intention of returning my HTC One X at the end of this month, no matter what OS I decide to stick it out with. But I have to sympathize with Android owners simply because of the mere fact Android cell phone manufacturers take no time at all to upgrade or introduce new and improved mobile devices.

I’m still impressed by the HTC One X, and I still plan to discover what the phone has to offer, along with learning its strengths and weaknesses, but I will say this: When you have a dozen different cell phone manufactures releasing new gear like clockwork, It has to be frustrating for Android owners.

Then again, this is technology as we know it. Things are outdated the minute they are released. So perhaps I have unrealistic expectations. (As does everyone). And perhaps this is why people are so quick to jump on Apple for making a giant spectacle when they decide to play “catch up” with everyone else, and release a new product, I get it. But at least you know it’s coming ONCE a year. Regardless, I take full responsibility for my failure to do proper research.............on to another day......and I’m out of booze. Till next time....