I've Left Apple iOS for Android

Yes. You read correctly. To sum this up nicely,  after a 4 year relationship with iPhone , I am doing what I feel many people are scared to do: Give Android a shot. For the next 30 days, I will be acclimating myself to the Android operating system.

This wasn't necessarily an easy call. And some may feel as though I made a somewhat festinate decision. But, since the iPhone 5 is currently out of stock, and my iPhone 4 finally died (after I learned from a nice person at the Apple Genius Bar that it was a defective unit, and there was nothing they could do to replace it) I've decided to give Android a chance to “wow” me. I have always appreciated new technology and have been fascinated my Android’s rise to success. I do not expect the transition to be smooth and seamless, but nevertheless, I am enjoying learning something new for once, and I found myself getting bored with iOS. (Especially iOS 6 and the “new and improved” Apple Maps app).

Since AT&T has a rather “open” return policy (at least for their standards), I can try a new phone for up to 30 days to see how it fairs versus Apple’s Jesus Phone. This, coming from someone, who in the early stages of Android, rebuffed any praise or acclaim Google’s mobile OS received. So for the next 30 days, I will be writing to report how my transition is going, and if I plan to stick with Android for the next year or so.

Here are the ground rules and some basic background info:


  • I am giving Android a 30 day test run, minimum.
  • My phone of choice: The HTC One X. (It was that or the Galaxy S3, but the screen on the One X, as well as the phone’s design, won me over)
  • In this 30 day period, I will fully dedicate myself to mastering the Android OS: Including observing it’s strengths and weaknesses, learning it’s features, experimenting with root / boot loading, and how it compares to Apple’s iOS.
  • I will also compare how the HTC One X fairs against my current iPhone 4, since I am keeping it to run some basic comparison tests (camera, screen quality, audio quality, battery life, gaming etc).


I expect this to be challenging, considering Androids fragmented ecosystem, and lack of uniformity. However, It’s Day 1,and I can already tell you I am enjoying getting to know my new phone and OS. If after 30 days, I’ve discovered that I cannot move forward without iOS, I will then return the One X, and purchase an iPhone 5. However, I have to see what the other side is like. Perhaps this will give me a better appreciation for iOS, and after 30 days, I’ll come running back to the iPhone with my proverbial tail between my legs, wondering how I ever managed life without it.

Or perhaps, I’ll learn to love Android for all its quirks and differences, and decide I am better off sticking with my new One X. Time will soon tell. But, Android and iOS are good for each other, since competition typically leads to new innovations. So, let’s see where Android has excelled.

More to come....