The End of Digg, The Rise of Reddit

Forbes has a new article up on the recent sell of Digg, for the alarmingly-low cost of only $500,000. Of course, I am hearing mixed reports that the actual price is closer to 16 million, but still, just a drop in the bucket for companies like Apple and Google. I find it very interesting at how fast Digg rose to the top, only to fall to Reddit in what seemed like the same amount of time. For those who do not use Reddit, I find it to be one of the most fascinating websites on the interwebs. It has become a daily addiction for me. It's fairly simple, yet at the same time, incredibly deep, with tons of information, news bits, conspiracies, comedy, and controversies to keep you busy for months.

The fall of Digg is not surprising, especially after founders,  Kevin Rose & Company decided to split for greener pastures. (I believe they are now currently working for Google). But thus is the life of many internet start-ups. It will be interesting to see what happens to other news sites and information conglomerates out there. I think the bigger question is, however: Is Reddit here to stay?