Top 5 Headlines About the iPhone 5

Ben Franklin once said "...nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." I'd like to amend this by adding one simple line: And people's obsession with the iPhone. Granted, I myself am an iPhone user. I even once waited in line for nearly nine hours to get my hands on the iPhone 4 when it first became available. However, as a longtime Apple user, I have wised-up,  and have come  know one simple thing: No company on Earth makes you  THINK you need their products better than Apple. I've already mentioned Apple's marketing techniques in an earlier post, and as of today, nothing has changed....except perhaps the mercurial temperaments of rabid, Apple fanboys.

People often seem as though they would KILL  to get their hands on the next BIG Apple product, only to later bash the company for releasing a new, iterative model of a product they already own, yet will still purchase anyways. If you're so mad, speak with your wallet, and DON'T BUY THE DAMN THING.  (and I'm sorry, I can't blame Apple for wanting to make money. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it).

Anyways, I feel this is where the HATE comes from. As much as people love the iPhone, it's detractors have developed quite the disdain for Apple, most likely do to this perceived servile behavior the company seems to expect from its loyal fanbase. And to be honest, Apple haters may have a legitimate gripe. However,  like religion, or God, or various pop-artists, Apple hate most likely stems from the company's fan club rather than the name itself. This leads to some pretty hilarious headlines / spoofs in the blogosphere. I've listed my top 5 below:

For Reelz.

 For Fun. 

For Seriously? 

 For Twitter & Cats

For Video